Great Veggie Burger in Ashland Oregon

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Great Veggie Burger in Ashland Oregon

burger-fixings-tnIn my pursuit for a great Ashland Oregon Veggie Burger I’ve had to pretty much make it myself. What better way to enjoy a vegetarian burger than to grill it? Just for a giggle I made sure to have a vegan tofu dog as well. As you can see in the images you could very easily make a (mostly) healthy organic burger dish with ingredients from the Ashland Food Co-op. Here’s what I used:


Grilled Crimini Mushrooms

  • chop some garlic and mushrooms
  • add a little bit of wine
  • marjoram and thyme (fresh from the garden)
  • wrap it all up in some tinfoil to grill.
  • Magnifique!

Veggie Burger and Veggie Hot Dog

What’s to drink? A China Cola because I just can’t do the aspartame thing…

Just as a little aside – I wish the Frank and the Burger had NO soy as it is one of the most likely GMO products and there’s no guarantee they are truly organic. The only items worse in this category (or equally as bad) are Canola Oil (please stop using this), CORN (the ultimate sadness – almost all of it is pretty much GMO), cotton, potatos, tomatoes, crookneck squash and of course soon to be beets. Why are we allowing these harmful products to kill us? Look into it and you decide whether it’s greed, malice, ennui or mistake.

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  1. 11-20-2012

    I was just curious if you ever tried our house-made veggie burger?! If so, what was your opinion? If not, then please come on in and try it…the London style is my favorite. It is served with Guinnes braised onions, oregon bleu cheese, and mango chutney…a combo that sounds odd but melts in your mouth!
    I use to search and search for a decent veggie burger at restaurants and was often more than dissapointed, so please come in to my place and give ours a whirl!
    Thank you!